☼ Meditation is a way to calm the physical body and the mind. It is accomplished by deep breathing and clearing all thoughts out of your head.

Benefits: ► lowers oxygen consumption
► increases blood flow
► deepens levels of relaxation
► reduces anxiety
► decreases muscle tension
► builds self-confidence
►helps allergies
► decreases emotional distress

☼ One of the most important things in meditation is breathing exercises. They say that “Life is in the breath,” meaning that, deep breathing is key to calming the mind, body, and soul.

The 7 Chakra Points
Chakra is from the Indian language, Sanskrit, meaning ‘wheel’. Chakra is the positive energy flowing through each main point of the body. Though it is used in some cartoons to give people the ability to walk on water and crack through trees the REAL benefits to keep the flow of chakra ‘unblocked’ are;
  • balancing the energies in the body
  • enhancing personal awareness
  • removing all negative energies and blockages in the body meditate.jpg
  • promoting natural healing
  • balancing the energies in the body
  • enhancing personal awareness
  • promoting creativity
  • releasing blocked and suppressed feeling
  • balancing organs and their bodily functions
  • strengthening immunity system
  • aiding meditation and positive thinking and relaxation of stress.

A Meditation For Beginners:
"Meditation brings about a greater peace of ones mind and raises the power of concentration. It is not important to focus on the length of time we meditate for as it is more important to clearly focus during meditation, even if it is only for a short while.
By meditating with a silent mind for this amount of time or longer can bring out your inner happiness and inner peace whilst promoting your better qualities. This is a great feeling which does not rely on your career or financial status.
The following meditation tips will aid you to a higher level of meditation."

  1. Take a deep breath in for 3 beats
  2. hold it in for 3 beats
  3. and breath out for 3 beats
  4. Soon your body will get into a state of calming relaxation (like a quiet humming noise fills your ears)
  5. Keep doing steps 1-3 until you can not feel your body anymore
  6. Once you are finished CAREFULLY begin to wiggle your toes, up to your fingers, and finally your neck
(it is important not to be startled during a deep relaxation meditation becuase the new feeling make your senses more sensitive to loud noises and touches.)

What meditation means to me:

When I first started meditation I was skeptic as to whether not it would actually do anything at all accept for just relax me. Once it started becoming a routine for me with incense and a breathing technique it benefited me by boosting my confidence with myself and what I represent to the world, the way I ate healthy foods, and
it also helped me get relaxed for sleep at night, waking refreshed the next day. In my opinion everyone should try
meditation at least once in their life. They will find it both refreshing and calming.