The Irish Culture


external image vfiles394.jpgIrish people celebrate St. patricks day. they celebrate by drinking and having fun to celebrate the great things that he did. We also celebrate the Irish day of the dead, but irish people dont celebrate the way that you think they would it's kind of like a big party to celebrate the passing of freinds or family that have passed away. There is a stone in Ireland that they call the blarny stone and it's a stone that people kiss to get good luck and wishes to come true. external image cbncbge.jpg Some of the Irish food that we eat include corned beef and cabbige. People that have never been to Ireland say that we like to drink green beer but we don't, but other people in different countrys buy green beer when St.patricks day comes around. Irish people are said to drink a lot of beer but most of the time Irish people are hard working people that know when to drink and not to drink.The irish people belive in luck and thats why some people kiss the blarney stone. St.patricks day isn't about drinking or four leaf clovers. It is celebrating a preist named patrick. The irish culture is mine because I live and celebrate the holidays with my family and freinds to celebrate isish holidays and eat irish food and play irish games.