I Am A Part Of Pop Culture

Fashion is a vital part of Pop Culture. It may not be the heart of it, but it is somewhere deep down in its core. Fashion controls many aspects of this culture. It defines what is in, what is tacky, what celebutant is revered for their taste, and it is de-glittered into “commercial” wear – thus defining the everyday person’s wardrobe. There is another type of fashion that is called “high fashion”. High fashion is much more artsy and dramatic than commercial. Fashion is also a contemporary art form. Aspects of it grow and change with the seasons and with the times within a culture. High Fashion, otherwise know as “haute couture”, is trendsetting fashion. This is the inspiration for commercial fashion that we see in department stores and boutiques. Haute Couture is French for high fashion. “Couture” is the making of dresses, sewing, and needlework. “Haute” means elegant. The designs made in this style are handcrafted and precisely made for a wearer’s body

Alexander McQueen

external image alexander_mcqueen_print_crazy_corset_2009_047e0403.jpgexternal image alexander-mcqueen-spring-summer-2008-collection.jpgexternal image 20071010_amcq8.jpg
As you can see, McQueen's designs are anything but conventional. His designs are indeed, other wordly and sometimes strange but always extravagant. Fashion is much more than skirts and beautiful models and basic heels. It gets crazy and sometimes down right ugly. Haute Couture is the heart of fashion, it takes simple things like garbage bags and broken glass and turns them into beautiful, hand crafted apparel.

There is also everyday fashion which is called commercial fashion. Commercial fashion is what we see in stores. Its not flashy nor is it composed of handmade materials. Many high fashion designers have commercial lines like Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren. These two areas of dress play a vital role in my life. High fashion serves as an inspiration for me, it drives me to draw better and to get a better understanding of fabrics, from how it folds to how it drapes across a person’s body. Couture also feeds my want to be a designer and someday go to fashion week in New York. F
ashion week is a fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week, which allows fashion designers, brands or "houses" to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers to take a look at the latest trends. On the other end, everyday fashion decides my wardrobe and what my style pallet includes. My taste in fashion includes long cable knit cardigans, cable knit anything, sweater dresses, stockings, ankle boots, button up blouses, skirts, and much more. For my daily update in fashion I usually surf Lookbook.nu.

external image Steven-by-Steve-Madden-Shoes-Bevan-Bootie.jpgexternal image mini_skirts_465x356.jpgexternal image jayly_purplea.jpg

Music ​is a part of all of our lives. Ever since our early years we have heard music of all kinds, from commercials to the radio, music fills our world. Music is an ever evolving art within Pop culture. It can vary from country to grind-core, but there are always bands that are main stream in different genres. A few examples are…





Music can help uplift your mood and get out the negative feelings. For my culture it is everywhere I go, on the radio, T.V., the computer, on my mp3. I cannot live without music because it helps define who I am. I love music as a whole. I listen to it when ever I can because it helps me unwind and it helps my creativity flow. I enjoy it at most when I am writing, drawing, or sleeping.

Products define an age. They are the essence of an era, and the inner workings of a culture. This is becuase everyone who belongs to Pop culture uses what is heavily advertised and well broadcasted. Other items that are not advertised and unknown as less likely to end up on the shelves of pop culture-ists. Just as atari, parachute bands and peace were associated with the 70's, and synthesizers and shoulder pads with the 80's, there are certain products that belong to our era. A few of these products are...
external image energy-drink.jpg

X-Box 360

external image simpsons-xbox-360.jpg

external image MacLogo.jpg

external image apple_ipod.jpg

external image cellphonesSisters.jpg

external image herbal-diet-pills.jpg

Products such as these play a big role in my life and include me into the group of popculture. I use these products everyday because they are highly advertised and used among my peers. They make up my daily regiment from when i use crest to brush my teeth and to the evening where I snap open a jar of prego for spaghetti. A few of the products I use are as follows:

external image 80649.jpgexternal image rca_lyra_slider_sl5016-400-400.jpgexternal image crest-pro-health_src_1.jpgexternal image elle_05_07.jpgexternal image orange_juice.jpg

These products make me a part of popculture because they are mainstream and found everywhere today. They are not unknown and include me with others because many of my peers use these products as well. Many people drink products such as monster or just plain orange juice, many have macs or pcs, many of my peers use the same hair products. This creates a group of people that can be tied into pop culuture because they are connect by popular items. If there were no products, a major part of pop culture, and life itself would be missing.