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The Mexican culture is a very distinctive culture. It is made of many different things. The best things this unique culture is its foods, sports, music, and religion.

external image flatmexicanfood1.jpg.jpgMexican foods are very spicy to everyone. Fore me its just perfect. external image GLG-Mexican1.jpegThe foods are just so colorful and you will always have a great veriety to choose from. Most of the foods that my mom makes were passed down to her by her mother or just a friend. Now she is showing me hoe to cook some her great recipiece. Although I don't pay the much attention because I've seen her cook so much that I already know how to cook them.

external image thumb-iker_casillas-full;init:.jpg and the only sport i was actualy good at.
external image acor-main_Full.jpgCorridos or as know by my great grandfather accordian music, quebraditas. Most of the corridos or to my uncle happy music (only when he has to much) always have a story to them. One of my favorites is..... well i forgot the name. It was a story about a rich father that always gave his son what ever he wanted and one day his son wanted a fast car and got him a Camaro. This story isn't that old so it was a really fast camaro. So then his didn't care what happened to him because he had a rich father. So then he started racing and got into an accident and died. This was a very sad song and this is why allot of people listen to these types of songs because they tell very sad stories and when you are drunk everything makes sence so everything will be alot more interesting and true the more you listen to it.
external image gilberto-santa-rosa-directo-corazon.jpg Gilberto Santa Rosa is one the best sala singers in the world. The best song he has out is called, "Sombra Loca." And like I said before this song has a story to it. Another merengue singer that i just love is called, " Oro Solido," he retired I think about 5-10 years ago. He is known as the merenguero. external image Rauls%202.jpgHis songs will make you move until you cant anymore. I mean the beat to his songs are amazing. The first time i heared his songs I remember beeing abit 3 years old. I was in my poor little villige in Mexico caleed Oaxaca. I had just walked in my house and my mom turned the tv on because she already knew who he was so then i was just sitting on the floor watching tv. The she told me that he was going to be on. I just started immitating wat the danceres were doing and I liked it. So ever since I have been dancing merengue.

external image virgen_de_guadalupe.jpgI don't go to church that much. (shame
on me) Most Mexicans are very religous. Although the funny part is that when we go to church we usually have a party right after. What makes me so different from other catholics is that right after all of the people meeting up in a church there WILL be a party in the basement of the chruch. I have an aunt called Candelaria and she if one of the biggest partiers I have ever seen in my life. All of these reasons make me unique. I am who I am, and what my mom used to tell me, " If u dont like either keep hating me or just deal with it."