Jordan is the country of Jordanians. These people are part of my culture because my family and people act and respond the same way as them. I'm going to start to talk about the country Jordanians basically live in. Most Jordanians live in a country named Jordan. Jordan is an Arabic country with lots of people living there. The main language they speak at Jordan is mostly Arabic, the second most spoken language is English, and third is Spanish. There's lots of mosques, restaurants, nice houses, and much more. They have same cars as America, better bigger houses, and better malls and stores. Theres lots of places where you can go. Lots of food to eat from Arabic food to American to Chinese and to many different kind. We have schools that have the same teaching styles as America and they also just talk English in them. All types of things are done in this country and its just like America and better because theres much more things to do!

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The food there is wonderful and delicious, with all types of food starting from Arabic food to American and many different other types of cultural food. Our restaraunts there are about 2-3 stories high, Mcdonalds there are huge, and we have basically most and same fast foods as America. The only thing we dont have is Arbies and there making one there. People think Jordan is like a place thats sandy and is all dirt, but its not. Its a place that looks like America with even better places. They have movies too watch that didnt even come out in America yet and many more. Getting to my topic, the best thing ive tasted there is the shawarma. Shawarma is a type of sandwich with chicken or beef, and mayonnaise, and the bread that they wrap it with is the best. There orange chicken is pretty good and taste more with chicken then with the sauce and they put alot of sauce on it. The mcdonalds there taste better then the mcdonalds here and the burgerking is awesome there. The pizza there is the best pizza i've ever tasted and pizza is my favorite food, there pizza gave me a good example that the food there was going to be great. Thats why i probably like this country alot, its because of there is the best type of food i ever tasted.


The money there is caled Denars. Denars are like $1.60 cents from America. Its pretty expensive to buy gifts or stuff unless you have alot of money in America. A bag of chips is about $1.40 cents, its pretty expenisive. And especially if your buying a house, its going to cost you alot of money and you're going to find a job there probably, because your money there can go like that. The houses there are all mansions and some are condos, there are no apartments and no small houses.


The cars there are the same cars as over here. People think we rides camels or we take horses around, but we dont. Each person i met there has a car. We have the same exact car dealers and cars like America. There is nothing different, its all the same. the cars there are 2 times expensive as the cars hear knowing you are using Denars to buy them. They're pretty espensive and most poeple take the bus or taxi there. Why they take the bus or taxi alot there, is because gas is very expenisive and if you bought gas it'll cost you 20-40$ every five gallons.


Lots of people think we wear these toga things, but we dont. We wear regular clothe like most poeple in the world. Casual and same type of companies are there, Rocawear, Coogi, Southpole, Gucci, Akoo, and many more. They have Jordans and other Nike and Adidas. There Jordans there are cheap because they have different types of sales on Jordans. Jordans there cost about $60-$80 most of the time.