In this world there are so many culture, but the one culture that stands out the most for me is the bodymark culture. Not only is this culture popular today, but even our ancestor had this culture among them. The body mark culture had been amog humans for a very long time. This culture is interesting, there's so many reason why people are in this culture. I consider my self been a part of this culture. Many teens are also in this culture, but not only them. Celebraties are also amog this culture.As you read more about "The Body Mark" culture, you will be more interested, maybe even realate to it.

*From the stone age
torians had found a three-thousand-year-old mummy in Siberia with a tattoo of a animal. They believe that the Pyzyryks had a believe about gaining the power of the animal they tatto on their bodies. This is a interenting fact, and is also avidence that body marks have been around for many years.
Pyzyryk mummy

Prehistoric people have been the first to begun the "Body Mark Culture".They used it for practical purpose, paint had been found around the are a of burial places. Archeologist belife that prehistic people also tattooed their body for pure aesthic pleqsure, similar to the people today. People today and before use body marks to "accentuate their natural traits."
Like the Colorado Indians paint desings on theri bodies for beautification. The Nuba of the Sudan, they use body marks to enhance a healthy and strong body.

*Body Mark culture today*
Teens are the ones who are mostly into this culture, but their not the only ones. Body marks are use today for not only scrafication but also, self-mortification, rituals, modifications. Many people have different reasons why they are part of this culture. For exsample some people do it for self-mortification this people called this " mortification of the flesh" which means "putting the flesh to dead."this primarly used in riligius and spiritual contexts. This was use by christian religion for many years. Many people use bodymarks to modified their bodies for exsamples tehy use tattoos, piercings, and flesh burning. People world wide adormed themselves with varaity of decorations particularly tattoos and piercings. Modification has been accepted in america because it has becomed the most common thing now a days.
Teen pierced or tattoo themselves because is a way to refelct their identety, they do so to show there inner sleves. In other parts of the world getting pircings is part of their traditions, and on men it shows manlyness. Some people concider tthis taboo but for them is a normal part of life.

mortification.jpgnintendo-scarification.jpgexternal image traci23.jpg
the normal practices of people aruond the world

For most teen with bodymarks their reason to decorate their body is to stnad out and be different from other. Is also to show who they are or how they feel. Some teens will get piercing to seem better looking or different from their friends. For exsample, I'm part of this culture. I pierced my lip and bellybotton because i just like been different and the tattoo is to show how I feel. But I'm only one in a million in this culture

self-mortification.jpg<This is an example of a teen cutting him/her selve to show how their feeling. This Practice is called self-mortification.

Watch this video!
Watch this video!
Watch this video!
Watch this video!
external image piercings009.jpgexternal image extreme_piercings_100-back-piercings.jpgexternal image Lip_Piercing_by_rivjern.jpgexternal image extreme_piercings_female-corset-piercing.jpgexternal image cover-bodyart.jpg<this are all exsamples of teens and bodymark culture.<