Body Art
Tattoos are very common for people to have. Most people who have tattoos are usually the young generation of people. If you watch sports you will see mostly all the athletes with tattoos. You also see a lot of celebrities, musicans, models, actors, and actresses. Not only is body art such as tattoos a popular thing now but it was before too. Prehistoric people were the firrst to mark the human body for practical purpose. Tattoos are also known for certain tribes to have for spiritual reasons. A lot of the tribes tattoos are tribal designs.

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When people think about piercings they think about just normal ear piercings, but piercings have gone to the extreme over the years. Sure there is tongue, nose, and lip peircings but people gone to the extreme by stretching out their ear lobes. People also get piercings in private areas now. It is so crazy how things have changed over the years with body art. If people get one piercings they usually bound to get more.

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Tattoo Shops and Body Piercings

Tattoos and body piercings can be done at home but illegally. There is a legal way to do tattoos and body piercings and that is by having your license for it or having your own shop. People find it more sanitary to get their body art done in a shop. This image down below is a picture of a tattoo and body peircing shop. This culture takes a part in my life because my brother owns a tattoo shop. The tattoo shop is actually the one below. When you have a shop you as a owner you must make sure your shop clean and sanitary.

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Matierals for Piercings and Tattoos

Getting a tattoo you need certain materials to get it done. First off you need to have your tattoo gun, needles, green soap, papper towel, and ink. If you don't have some of these materials you either can't do the tattoo or it will be harder to do the tattoo.