Sports Culture

The sports culture has been getting more and more poppular and big ever since it started. There are many diffrent spports all over the world and people also invent new sports. For every sport there are fans that like to play that sport. People that play sports are have a very healthy lifestyle. They are constantly doing exercise and are physically active most times. Athletes eat alot and eat healthy so they can be at their best performance. the food gives us a lot of energy. its good to eat helthy food so that we can maintain healthy and have a nice body. People become big fans and support their favorite teams and the athletes that play the sport. The sport culture is one of the most popular cultures in the world. People play sports all arround the world and invent their own sports. These are some of the most popular sports: Soccer, basketball, football, baseball, Boxing, tennis, swimmimng, golf, volleyball, hockey and alot more.

external image 11795149013DPOlW.jpg
This is a graph representing the popularity of sports across the world. As shown it has increased ever since it started.

external image torresgerrard275.jpg
Picture of Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard from Liverpool soccer club team.

external image lionel-messi.jpg

This is a picture of two soccer(Gago at left and Messi at right) these players are from the rival teams Barcelona and Real madrid.

external image nfl.jpg

This is a picture of a football game. Reggie bush scoring a touchdown for the New Orleans Saints.

external image nba%20lebron%20james%20dunk.jpg
Picture of lebron James making points for his team the Cleveland Cavaliers. Basketball is really popular in the U.S. and in other countries around the world.

external image muhammed_ali.jpgMuhammad ali was one of the best boxers there has been. He became really famous because of his boxing skills.

So this is information about sports and diffrent types of sports. Sports have certain rules and u can play the with your hands, legs, and other parts of your body depending on what sport it is. Being an athlete will be very helpful for your health and your body. If you become famous you will be getting paid lots of money. I am an athlete and i would like to keep being one.