Native American Culture

No more stereo types
‚Äč Native American culture is a very diferent and not that popular around the world. Many people just think of Natives by steroe types like Indian or red skins, when those both are incorrect and wrong. All Natives dont were eagle fethers and mokisines around, first off eagle fethers are very sacret and only well respected or honered Native get to own one (also only givin as gifts). Also mokisins are only used for cerinomial perposes.

Native American Music,

is very impotant to Native Americans, their are lots of diferent types, like native fluet, hand drum and much more. Only men are alowed to sing around the drum, wemen are alowed to sing as canar singers (kinda like back up singers). The drum has a story like every thing else in Native american culture, and every diferent tribes have diferfent storeis, but over all the drum beats symbolize the heart beats of live, and the vocals aren't words.