Jessica Hernandez

Teenage Culture
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Music is Life for Teens
Music is like a teen's life. Sometimes teens listen to
music to express feelings or thoughts. Around
the world rap music and hip-hop are the
most listened by teens. Rap really effects a lot
in a teens life like about masculinity or about
their reflection on girls. But also, there can be
some types of music with a positive effect
on teens.
Technology plays a big role in a teens life. Teens
often have cell phones, laptops, i Pods, and etc.
If you would ask every teenager what they wouldn't live
without, I bet any money that they would say their
phone or laptop/ computer. There can be different
kinds of technology like, information can be
technology, materials, systems. Even some
websites could be technology.
Hanging Out With Friends
Teens spend most of their time
hanging out with their friends either
going to the mall, park, going over to
each others house, or just hanging
out at school. Teens need
friends for their opinions, advice,
always being there for them, and when
having friends teens develop emotionally
and socially.
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Teens Shop
Shopping is important to teens because it gives them time to spend with friends at times. It is also important because whatever they buy usually in some sort of way it represents them. Shopping sometimes is helpful because when one is stressed out they can go shop and get their mind off what is stressing them out. When they go shopping they love to buy clothes and shoes that are in style. Most teens own a lot of pairs of shoes, especially girls :), and they also own a lot of outfits.

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Why Is It Important to Me??

I am part of the teen culture. Not being able to live without my laptop makes me like a technology freak.I love being on myspace, texting, shopping, hanging out with my friends, and listening to music. I love listing to music because
I can really relate to it. I love technology because without technology I wouldn't be able to go on myspace
and be the myspace freak I am :P I love hanging out with my friends because without my friends i wouldn't be who I am.
Also, I love shopping buying clothes and shoes that represents the type of person that I am. Being part of the
teen culture is important to me because I either love or like all the aspects of being a teen.