Music's history is long and started in different stages:
  1. The Middle Ages
  2. The Renaissance
  3. The Baroque Age
  4. The Classical Period
  5. The Romantic Era
  6. The Twentieth Century


Music have different genres and styles including Hip-hop, Rap, Rock, Techno, and many other every type of music comes from different culture and all these cultures communicate through music. Music genres comes from cultures for example Hip-hop and Rap music comes the African Americans hoods where people describe pain with rhymes and beats.

When music started it was boring, there weren't too much styles and kinds and people had to stick to only specific kinds until people like Beethoven started giving new ideas and styles and then other kinds came out.


Music is one of the most important things to the society, imagine a society without music, probably wouldn't survive. music now is much more than entertainment to people, its now what inspires people to do. Music could inspire people to do good or bad things, when people become bad or good a lot of times music is the reason. the modern music is mostly a bad influence for people because artists say that good influence music wouldn't sell very good, artist would make music about guns, drugs, and gangster life.

Even if the music was bad or good it would stay a great influence in human's life, now everywhere you look you can find music for example computers and internet, mp3's and I Pod's, TV's, Radio's and even on phones and gaming systems, all this surely proves that music is way more important now than it was before.


Music is a language that add to all the other languages that all cultures communicate, and if the whole world can't communicate with words then it would communicate with music. These types of communication is happening now where many different cultures come to present their music and that helps nations relationship get better. Music is a good way to preserve peace but it also can be a weapon to attack other nations with funny words and that is one of the things that happened in WWI

Music has different styles and they sound different and here are some of music:

There is much more than that i can't cover but if you want to know more about it just look around you and you'll see that music is surrounding you closer than you think.