Anime Culture :D

Anime is Japenese Animation, or Japenese Cartoons. There is a big differece between American Animation and Japenese Animation thought. American Animation is just for the entertainment for children and teenagers, while Anime is for all ages andanime-eye-brushes.jpg most animes have hidden meanings in their cartoons. When you compare a cartoon such as Spongebob Squarepants to Fruits Basket, you see a lot of differences! Anime is known for their characters having big eyes. The big eyes symbolize emotion and innocence. Normally the bigger they eyes, the more sensitive that character is. ‚Äč

Blossom trees are also very important in Anime becasue they have two specific meanings. In almost every Anime you look at, at some point you will see a cherry blossom tree in the backround. The cherry blossom tree does not normally blossom until spring, fairy_in_the_tree.jpgbut that is not always the case in all animes. It can be any time of the year because it all depends on when the author want to show them. When a cherry blossom tree is behind a character and the tree looks vibrant and pretty, this means that the character you see by the tree has good fortune in their future. But when the tree is looking dead and creepy, the character either had bad luck or death coming their way. IF you look at the picture to the left you see a fairy in the cherry blossom tree. You can see that the tree is vibrant and beautiful, so this fairy is most likely going to have a very good day.

Uniforms and high school are both fairly important roles in Animes and they are also connected. In the animes that are most popular, the main character(s) is in high school. Also they must wear uniforms so that no one stands out too much. This is 1010814.jpgbecause the main character normally dresses different then the rest of their classmates. Most animes are set in a high school setting because high school is the most exciting time in a teens life, and that is in real life and in fiction. This way the author can make the story line outrageous by making the characters do stupid stuff.

C3690736086_74d4d90dc3.jpgosplays are a pretty awesome thing. Throughout the year, there are Anime conventions where all Anime lovers can meet eachother and dress up as their favorite characters! When a person dresses up as their favorite character and acts like them and preforms a skit where they act like the character, that's a cosplay! It can be really fun to get the costume and people would want to get their picture taken with you and sometimes even want your autograph. Anime freaks normally connect with each other pretty fast and it is fun to meet new friends at Anime Conventions!

Mangas are the actual book that you read. Anime is the making of the mangas into an animation. Some of the most popular mangas are Fruits Basket, Deathnote, Luck Star, Sailor Moon, ect. There are so many. One unique thing about Mangas is that you read them backwards! Where we would finish the book, is where you would start reading a manga. It sounds confusing but once you start reading them, it is pretty easy to understand.


<-- This is the characters from the anime "Fruits Basket".


<-- These are the main characters from the anime "Deathnote".


<-- These are the main characters from the anime "Lucky Star".


<-- These are the main characters from "Sailor Moon".

Here's an awesome youtube video. Keep in mind that anime loves are very weird people so the video is odd. The song is called Caramelldansen. Anime is a HUGE part of my life. For me anime is a way of getting away from the real world and entering the world of a different character. I like being unique and one of many in the way that I am one of many that find an escape in anime but I also like that I can always relate to other people who also enjoy anime