A Mexican Experience

Special Holidays
Las Posadas
Las Posadas consist of 9 days starting the 16 of December until the 24 of December. What happens is that a group of people walk around the streets following a Maria and Jose. They go to 3 houses along the way. When they get to the first house they knock and ask for posada which means asking someone if they can stay in their house overnight because they have no where to go. In the first house the owners have to say no, and then the second house they also say. no at the third house the owner say yes and lets everyone in. To celebrate the owners give hot cider to the parents and Aguinaldos to the kids which are little bags filled with candy and the traditional way which is to put fruit in it. Then a couple piñatas are broken for the kids and everyone goes home happy. And so on this goes evryday.

Las Posadas

Los Reyes Magos
This day is celebrated the 6 of January and what happens is that a days before kids write notes to the Reyes Magos and send them to them by balloons, they attach the notes to the balloon and send it to them. And then the 5 of January little kids all over Mexico leave their shoes by the doors of their houses and some hay and water outside the house so the animals of the Reyes Magos which is said to travel in a horse a elephant and a camel. So just like Santa Clause and cookies, it’s the Reyes Magos and the food and water for their animals. So then the kid’s wake up in the early morning the 6 and go to their shoes to see what the Reyes magos left them. Usually its lots of toys and candies, sometimes even money. The Reyes Magos are a great tradition people have and it has lived on for a lot of yearsand i hope it goes on for many more.

Los Reyes Magos
The three Kings

12 de Diciembre
The 12 of December is a very important date for Mexicans all over the world. The important event that happened this day is that the Virgen of Guadalupe appeared in México for the first time. And since that date Mexicans all over mexico g oto the Basilica in Mexico D.F and pray for her. Sometimes they ask for the Virgen to bless them while mosto f time people just go to thank her for all of the staff she has done for them the whole year. This day dances and parties are made to thack her. The Basilica gets so full every year that people often have no space to go or even walk. But its worth it when you see the Virgen and you know she’s always there for you.

La Basilica
Lots of people are thankful

Lo Que Hace Uno Por Agradecerle A La Virgen

La Virgen De Guadalupe

Mole is a traditional food that is often served with rice. Mole is like a sauce it can be any color there is different types of mole in different places of Mexico. There is black, green, or brown, and well there are two types of black one. One of the moles is sweet and the other one is spicy, depends on how you like it. Mole and rice are very important foods in any Mexican party it is the most common food in birthday parties, quinceañeras, and weddings. You can’t miss this delicious food whenever you go to a party.



The pyramids of Teotihuacan
This are some very nice pyramids located in the capital of Mexico, Mexico D.F. There is lots of pyramids in this location but the most important ones are the one of the moon and the one of the sun. The one of the sun is the highest one it is 116 feet high and faces the cit and if you turn the other way you see the pyramid of the moon. The pyramid of the sun has about 260 or 280 steps in it but luckily it also has various rest areas. And the pyramid of the moon has about half the steps of the pyramid of the sun. And something interesting about the pyramids is that scientists don’t understand how Mayans could have built them without the technology we have today. Another interesting fact is that when you get to the top of the pyramid of the sun you are warm and often hot but when you climb the pyramid of the moon you are sometimes very cold and start shivering, some scientist doesn’t understand why that happens. It’s a great mystery.

Pyramid of the Sun

Mexico Culture

Now everybody knows a little bit of mexico. It is a place which i really like and travel to a lot. My parents love showing us old traditions and explain why everything in it happens. One of my moms saying is tradition is old but not lost, and it makes her happy when me or my brothers are interested in it. I've been going to mexico since i was a little girl and yet when ever i go i learn comething new there is many things to see and do, so i hope everyone who is interested can go and look at mexico's gorguse landscapes and sites.