MUSIC.jpg♥Music Culture♥

Music influences me in a whole different level then other things. Music helps me be calm when I’m very mad about something. Music also helps me think when I’m doing my homework, or when I’m in a fight with my friend it makes me think on how to fix stuff with my friends. Also music helps me sleep, when I can’t sleep by myself.

Parents don’t really understand how you feel. They just think that it’s just a waste of time. They also think that our kind music is dumb. Like if its punk rock or any type of rock they think it’s for crazy people. And if its hip-pop or rap they think its nasty and we shouldn’t be listening to that type of music. Also we cant be listing to Bob Marley without our parents thinking that we are doing drugs. We cant listen to our type of music on the radio without them changing the station. That’s why its better to have an iPod, so you can listen to your own type of music. I think parents would be happy if we listened to there type of music.

thumbnailCAL01B8H.jpg Type of Music

There is a whole lot of different type of music. There is hip-pop, pop, rap, rock, punk rock, indie rock, country, techno, and a whole lot more.
I nnamed some of my favorite kind of music. But my favorite is punk, rock, techno, rock, and some times rap. The bands and singers i like are Paramore, Linkin Park, Avril lavigne, Lil Wayne, etc.

Careers In Music

There are a lot of great things that come with music , like being able to work with big time singers, being able to get a band or something like that. You can manage big hit rock bands or solo artist. If I could i would get a job that has to do with music because that way i would love my job, and ill be doing what i like more in life.

Where the Music came from

Music has been around since human been around. People think birds made the music came alive. All of that may or not be true but we wont know because we werent a live when music was becomeing a big hit. If you thought that music was invented by someone, well think again it wasnt, music is just different sounds, tones and etc. So basically the music has been around for a while now, but the music is better then it was 10 or 20 years ago thanks to the technology.

Where would we be?

To tell the truth I dont know where we would be if we didnt have any music. Music is part of everybodys life, even if they dont listen to the kind of music i like. Everybody has different kind of style. For me music if everything for me, its my life basically. I cant go a day without lidtening to music, thats how big music if part of me!​ If didnt have music ill probably wouldnt be the person i am right now.

Thats all!
I had a great time telling you guys about my culture, but its time for me to get this done. BYE!