What is Black Power?black-power.jpg
Some African Americans saw it as a cry against the whites who held all the resources in a white mans society. All forms of power, but especially political power, lay with whites. There were some African Americans who wanted to use the call as a way of elevating the status of African Americans in society but then dropping such a potentially inflammatory call once this had started as it would serve no positive purpose after that advance. By initially closing ranks, it was believed that African Americans could advance themselves in American society. We have rights and we had enough.It was during the 1950's and 1960's.It is a big part of our history.If it wasn't from the civil rights movement we would be still segergated and discimated as like we were in the pass. Me a an African American young lady would't be allowed to be sitting next to a white girl or the mexican to the left.
African Americans had to stand up for their rights and thats what they did compared to now we really have came along way.If it wasn't from our ansectors we would't be we always should thank them because without them I don't know what we would be doing now. It is important to know what you came from but also you can't dwell on it you should always look foward for your future.
I am part of this culture mainly because I just am. I so grateful for those people who were'nt afraid to let their voices be heard.Black History Month is a great tradition that all people celebrate.It's a month to commmand and be grateful that we had brave sisters and brothers to be good.

Food the food we eat is just great is awesome. We eat food that comes from the soul. When it was still slavery the slaves got the left overs from their masters. So thats where the whole idea of soul food comes from also fom our homeland Africa.Soul food does the body good because its great. i eat soul food for almost all meals i eat. Its a big thing for my family in general we all eat it. We go to others houses and basically have a feast. We eat foods like cornbread,colard greens,yams.,sweet poetoes,rice,cabage,pig feet,chicken lots of chicken,waffles just to name a few.Gosh I get excited just to be talking about it. Man every day life involve around food.

Music is our the beat of our heart we have rhythe in our soul just waiting to be let out.Music is important to my culture we listen to it all the time. Its one of the many forms of art thats part of the african american culture. Also it really started in our homeland Africa.Jazz groups now began to attract attention. New Orleans was established as the capital of jazz; but the tradition was soon carried to Chicago, and New York became the major centre for the big bands, one of the first of which was organized in 1923 by Fletcher Henderson. During the 1920s and 1930s a new kind of religious music, later called gospel appeared in black churches; its style, a direct way to the shouts and jubilee songs, was speard through oral tradition at gatherings such as the meetings of the National Baptist Convention. Jazzmen of the 1940s experimented with new ideas, resulting in a new style called bebop, then simply Bop.thays a couple of things about the music thats important to the culture.

Family is important to every culture. It's a real important aspect of my culture because it just is. Everyone needs family because without your family you wouldn't be anything.FAmily is a group of people that are there for eachother they all live in the same envirnoment.You have to be a family to be in orde to survive you are usaully born to one. I just thnink family is just cool your family can also be people at your school or even a pet.With your family you celebrate, congraduate and you just love one another regardless of what happens.So thats why family is important to my culture because sometimes it might seem like you cant live with them but also you cant live without them.