The German Culture :) By: Benjamin N. Brumer

external image German_Flag.jpg Behold the all powerful german flag. Black stands for slavery, Red stands for blood, and gold stands for the golden light of freedom.


The germans food is unique all it's own with influences from the irish, galick, dutch, scottish and many more cultures. Some of the food made in germany like appelkuchken wich is like a lemony coffee cake, shnitzel, marzipan, suarkruat, the legendary bratwurst, and many more. The food is now in and everywhere in america. Espically beer, Germans are huge consumers of alcohol there are 1,300 different breweries in the country of Germany and 85 differnt types of beer, one of them would beAecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Smoked Beer, the number of beer is not including hard alcohol.
external image schnitzelnice.jpg= Schnitzel.
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German clothing is very.... strange. The traditional german outfit would consists of a Gamsbert hat which is just a green or black hat with a big frilled feather at the side that sticks up wards. The body wear is called Lederhosen which is a white or black and red plaid shirt, what looks like overall shorts, knee high white socks, and a gamsbart.
external image Hut-mit-Gamsbart1.jpg= gamsbart.external image barvarian_yodeler_lederhosen.JPG= guy wearing lederhosen and gamsbart.

The german language is derived from dutch and latin and german languge is what made the english language we speak today. The german language is very unique as the say the W's like V's in our languge and there D's are T's so like wasser which is water would sound like vasser or vater and, Und or and would sound like Unt or Ant... lol ant. they also use diverse accent marks on there letters like ä and Ö omg giant mouth :O.

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