[[.:British Culture:.]]
By: Angela F.


British culture is one of many exsisting cultures around the world.
But british culture seems to capture how amazing the United Kingdom is to us british people.
I am part of british culture, not only because I am british, but because I follow british customs.
From the music, to the food, to holidays, I am proud to present to you....
British Culture.

"Edinburg Fest"

The concept of celebrating Edinburg Fest is to celebrate the legacy of Art & Theater.
It's an important holiday because it gives us a time to express ourselves
through the works of literature, art, and parts of speech.
Edinburg fest usually takes place in the United Kingdom
in more of the populated city areas.

A more proper way of greeting.

When we meet a person, we usually will shake their hand.
The main idea of this is because this geture to one another shows
that we can be quite friendly, and it expresses our proper side.
Hey, we're always willing to make new friends, so why not make a good first impression.

"Shrove Tuesday"

Almost similar to fat tuesday, ((except without the doughnuts))
we have a "Shrove Tuesday" also known as "Pancake Day".
It's just a simple holiday where you have pancakes.
Nothing too special, just eating a stack of pancakes.

A Smaller Way of Living.

The funny thing about most british people living in the United Kingdom
is that, they have some of the smallest houses.
Most people living in the city, ((and towns)) own small townhouses, or a simple apartment.
I guess we just like the smaller more simple things in life...literally. (:
It's not that we don't like bigger houses or anything...
I think it's just that we just like to have things organized.

Hometown Glory
By: Adele

Adele's song titled "Hometown Glory" expresses her love
for her hometown of London. With pictures surrounding her of the
city as she sings, you can see how amazing the Unitied Kingdom really is.

Hometown GloryAdele album lyrics from [lyricsyoulove.com]